Jsharms | quote | 13/12/16

“My artist friends, while I wait for my computer to be repaired, something for you to think about, rhetorically or not:
Does time and space impede on your creativity or is it really about discipline and creativity with time and space?
Is fulfilling all the projects and ideas you want to realise more important or being great and recognized in one endeavor of art?
Is truth not better than sincerity? Being the most sincere artist in the world doesn’t make you a great artist.
If you dig or appreciate someone’s art very much but no one else seems to see it, does that make you a lonely person?
Is your personal belief in your work more important or the appreciation, feedback and approval of many more so?”

Jeremy Sharma’s Facebook profile page, accessed December 13, 2016, https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.sharma.9.