“Your Chinese allyship means nothing without the transfer of resources and structural power.”

“Guilt as a position is useless to me, but using your Chinese guilt to address racism in Singapore is a valuable exercise of this guilt.”

“Be suspicious of everyone who takes easy positions. Be wary of the people who speak out against racism when it is easy and convenient, when it costs them nothing and nets them social capital.”

“Allyship is active. Discomfort is necessary.”–Kat Blaque

Sangeetha Thanapal, “Chinese Allies,” medium.com, February 6, 2017, accessed February 6, 2017, https://medium.com/@geethat/chinese-allies-a6e835a59d75#.l85us65n4

On Cecily Brown:

“…whereas pornography is about the demonstration of power, and the death of the imagination, the erotic is about the giving and receiving of pleasure and the continual shifting of power.”

John Yau, “The Ecstasy of Drawing,” Hyperallergic, November 27, 2016, accessed January 3, 2016, http://hyperallergic.com/340531/cecily-brown-rehearsal-the-drawing-center-2016/.