“Unbeknownst to them, the arbitrary has multiplied singularities, but made them whatever singularities: every artist develops his or her own language and nurtures the impression of being the only one to speak it. We no longer write or create in order to intensify life, for life is no longer something we all share, something in which we all accompany one another, but an individualized affair of accumulation, labor, and self-affirmation.

We live like this with no hope for political change (however necessary) in our lives, nor a common language capable of naming this need or allowing us to define together what is particular to our present. This condition is new, no doubt unique in Western history; it is so painful and engenders such a profound solitude and loss of dignity that we sometimes catch ourselves doubting the sincerity of artworks that are created under such conditions – for we know that their fate is uncertain, and will most likely disappoint.”

Claire Fontaine, “Our Common Critical Condition,” trans. Kit Schulter, e-flux journal #73, May 19, 2016.

“Your Chinese allyship means nothing without the transfer of resources and structural power.”

“Guilt as a position is useless to me, but using your Chinese guilt to address racism in Singapore is a valuable exercise of this guilt.”

“Be suspicious of everyone who takes easy positions. Be wary of the people who speak out against racism when it is easy and convenient, when it costs them nothing and nets them social capital.”

“Allyship is active. Discomfort is necessary.”–Kat Blaque

Sangeetha Thanapal, “Chinese Allies,” medium.com, February 6, 2017, accessed February 6, 2017, https://medium.com/@geethat/chinese-allies-a6e835a59d75#.l85us65n4

“For all of us, especially when you’re working within the format of being an artist, there is a search for finding a tool that can deal with the dimensions of your questions. It’s an ongoing process that never ends.”

“When I began to make video works, I approached it from a perspective of not having an idea about wanting to make an artwork because I was filled with this doubt from painting…and maybe, wanting to be something like a documentary filmmaker and pick up cipher from real life.”

Rachel Rose, “EAT 2016 Rachel Rose,” Engadin Art Talks video, 32:03, February 10, 2016, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSFndS3As4s.