“Maggie’s voice had a certain level of doubt and a self-reflective vibe that made me trust her, even when she was criticizing stuff that I really love.”

“I’m not interested in categories,” he told me. “People put too much pressure on the world and smash it into boxes, and they’re trying to make sense of things that are just a flow. And they’re doing it a disservice.”


“And of course if we look at this tradition, well, Genesis P-Orridge is a great example. In a strange way he founded this music, and what he does is… it’s both masculine and feminine. It takes on the world, and all the different emotional aspects and personas that you have as a human being, I suppose. Ultimately I think we should strive to be more honest, to have the work be as honest as possible. When the rules of a game are established, things become a genre, or a style. If you want to call your work experimental, that should be avoided at all costs. Because then it becomes music, and I’m not interested in making music, ultimately.”

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