“For me, the most important moment for an art piece is when people are not sure if it’s art or not, and this is the most productive moment.”

Tania Bruguera, “Immigrant Movement International,” ART21 Art in the Twenty-First Century video, 00:03:22, October 24, 2014

“In many ways, my own work has been thirty years of grappling with the conflicted investments I brought to the field of art and internalized from it. I became an artist for a range of reasons, many of them in conflict, but I also discovered that art was an arena in which those conflicts could be explored, and potentially transformed. I understand all of my work as research into the conditions of the possibility of that transformation. Critique and critical art are hypotheses to be tested.”

Andrea Fraser, “Andrea Fraser with Thyrza Nicholas Goodeve,” The Brooklyn Rail, April 6, 2016, accessed April 16, 2016, http://www.brooklynrail.org/2016/04/art/andrea-fraser-with-thyrza-nichols-goodeve.