“What does art do? It’s an urge to master and add something to reality. What is the greatest human purpose? A longing to restore a sense of lost wholeness. Why do we create? Out of primal feelings of alienation, perceptions of our subsequent decline.”

Laura Kipnis, “Is criticism an art in its own right?” e-flux conversations, February 26, 2016, accessed March 1, 2016.

“It is a myth that an art withdrawn from the realm of public inspection and disapproval is a freer and superior art. The impulse to evade censure can inspire raptures of ingenuity. (The passage of the prim Hays Code in 1932, which led to four decades of censorship in Hollywood, increased the sophistication and wit of American films by a magnitude.) We hear much about art enriching the human experience, which is an agreeable platitude. But it is the other way round. The human experience is needed to enrich art, and without a meaningful living connection to the society that nurtures it, art is a plucked flower.”

Michael J. Lewis, “How Art Became Irrelevant,” Commentary Magazine, July 1, 2015, accessed July 2, 2015.

Can art exist in an alienated society?
Can art re-sensitise, un-alienate?