“I don’t think that the skills required to be a creative individual, whether you’re trying to sell music or whether you’re trying to sell your art or whether you’re trying to get a name for yourself as a designer, are skills that you could learn from reading media theory or reading our theory or anything like that. Of course having a understanding of art history will help you make better art but that’s not going to help you sell. What is going to help you sell art is is understanding psychology and understanding sociology and really talking to people and figuring out what their desires are, and branding and creating value for something that is more or less subjective too many people especially if it’s a concept is is the art in and of itself and usually the the physical object is just a manifestation of that.”

Ryder Ripps, “Why Artists Don’t Make Money – The Business of Life (Episode 3),” Vice News video, 23:07 (around 19:50 mark), May 20, 2015.

I am really interested in this idea of value and the hierarchical structure it promotes. I am interested in value, branding as a critique of our current mode of social relation.


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