“…Einstein argued that there was only one time and space–that of physics–and that what Bergson was after was nothing more than subjective time–that of psychology. We recognize here that classical way for scientists to deal with philosophy, politics, and art: ‘What you say might be nice and interesting but it has no cosmological relevance because it only deals with the subjective elements, the lived world, not the real world.’ The funny thing is that everyone–including, in a way, Bergson–was convinced that he had lost, and that indeed the whole question was another episode in the gigantomachy of objective reality versus subjective illusion. To the scientists, the cosmos, and to the rest of us, the phenomenology of human intentionality. So the answer to the question ‘Which space do we live in?’ is clearly: we live in a subjective world with no reality for physics. Einstein: winner.”

Bruno Latour, “Some Experiments in Art and Politics,” e-flux journal The Internet Does Not Exist (2015): 49.


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